Frequently Asked Questions

How much are lessons?
A lesson is one hour and is $50.

Do you teach children?
Yes, but only ages 12 and up.

Do you offer speech-level singing (or any other specific technique) instruction?
Salt Lake Voice is NOT a speech-level studio. I don’t believe in “branded,” homogeneous techniques of any kind and choose instead to develop an approach individualized to each and every student’s voice and unique needs. I’m familiar with the components of most “branded” techniques, however, and may employ some of them if I think they will be helpful to a student’s progress.

Do you offer group lessons?
No, I do not offer large group lessons (such as with choirs or choruses), though in some circumstances I will work with duos.

Can you teach me to sing _______ [rock, jazz, opera, Broadway, you name it]?
Yes, I have experience teaching almost any style of music—and I’ll teach you how to do it properly, without risking damage to your voice.

What lesson times do you have available?
Contact me to check current availability.