Voice Lessons

Salt Lake Voice is not currently accepting new students. If you would like to be placed on my waiting list and notified when I have an opening, please let me know here.

Many voice teachers employ homogenous instruction and generic, “speech”-style gimmicks and techniques; they attempt to replicate some other singer’s vocal qualities in their students, creating cookie-cutter reproductions that all sound the same. While it may sound pleasant enough, sound-alike singing gimmicks hinder a professional singer’s marketability and stifle a student’s vocal identity.

At Salt Lake Voice, I focus on students’ unique vocal qualities, teaching them to use healthy singing techniques and increasing their chances of accomplishing their vocal goals. Whether you’re hoping to be the next big star, or you just want to feel comfortable and at ease when singing in a group, my lessons will give you the tools and guidance to get there.

I specialize in a variety of vocal styles, including classical, belt, mix, musical theater, jazz, and rock. My versatility helps new students determine where their natural abilities lie and what styles most interest them, and allows experienced singers to expand their repertoire and increase their marketability.

Lesson Rates

Lessons are 60 minutes long, and each lesson is $50.