Check out what some of my students (or their parents) say about working with Salt Lake Voice:

I have been singing professionally for 4 years now, and Michael is my second vocal teacher. After only three sessions with him, I have learned concepts and practices that have stretched me as a singer, and I already feel more prepared for entering the next level of my music career.


I think of my singing in two parts: pre-Michael and post-Michael.

Michael changed my whole concept of singing. I had sung for thirty years but still had problems with my middle and upper registers. In a matter of months my resonance changed from back-of-the-throat to a “headier,” lighter sound.

Singing is now a joy, thanks to the work I did with Michael.


Not every talented, knowledgeable person can relay their gifts in a way that inspires greatness in others. Michael, however, can. And he does! He is that rare individual who possesses both an impeccable understanding of his craft and the ability to communicate this understanding to others; and the combination of both is what sets him apart.

Each week, my daughter has gone to her lesson and I have witnessed the finesse by which Michael extracts sound from her so lovely that it brings tears to my eyes. His explanations about the how and the why of creating such sound is understandable and entertaining, and my daughter comes out of her lessons energized by what I can only describe as the happiness that comes from tapping into her highest potential.

Michael is truly gifted—in vocal talent, musical knowledge, and teaching ability. To say nothing of the fact that he’s a funny, kindhearted person. I have told him—and I repeat it here—that finding Michael was one of the best things that has ever happened to us.


My husband and I took lessons from Michael to strengthen our voices and gain confidence in auditioning for a community musical. Neither of us had done any singing since high school and we were both very nervous to start up again. The setting for our lessons was very comfortable, and Michael made us feel at ease with just our basic knowledge. He was informative and not only taught us how to sing better, but why certain techniques made us sing better. I would recommend Michael to anyone looking for a private teacher.